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Selling in 2021

There is an enormous amount to think about when you are embarking on a development and it is important to consider every eventuality before you get too progressed in a project. Not only will forward planning ensure that you have an accurate overview in terms of costs but it can also reduce the issues you […]

What is the new normal?

This time of year is traditionally one where us property folk look to make plans and set targets of what we want to achieve with our property business in the coming year. I suspect this year will be different. Many of us have found this year to be very difficult due to the Covid 19 […]

Listed Buildings and what to do with them

With an estimated 680,000 in the UK, it is likely you may have considered purchasing a listed building. The process of listing a building started after the second world war with the aim of protecting buildings of architectural merit.  92% of listed buildings are known as Grade II listed and these are described as ‚Äúnationally important […]