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Post lockdown programme

It appears that the current efforts of lockdown have yielded a positive result with incidences of corona virus reducing. Property folk will therefore be turning their attentions to a post lockdown environment and so this month I wanted to review some of the actions that should probably be on your “To do” list. Legionella: The […]

Buying Tenanted Property

As the host of the Question and Answer session at a local property meet, I am asked a myriad of questions about property matters. I find it useful to understand the concerns of fellow investors as well as getting a feel for the market in various areas. One common thread of late has been questions […]

Fire Precaution in High Rise Buildings

At a number of events I have spoken at I have been asked about Article 14 which related to the fire safety for high rise blocks over 18 metres and in particularaimed to provide guidance for building owners with aluminium composite material (ACM) in their external wall systems, including cladding and insulation. On 20th January 2020, […]

Hiring a Professional

Many of you will be familiar with the phrase “If you thought hiring a professional was expensive, try hiring an amateur”. I recently received an appointment to monitor a construction project from someone who is both experienced and knowledgeable on construction matters. This chap is in a small minority as many people involved in property don’t […]