Being socially responsible is important to us and something we take seriously. We aim to make a positive difference to our staff, the communities where we operate and always seek to find ways to assist them.

We prioritise the employment and development of our staff and work with local supply chains wherever possible. We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment by conserving resources, reducing waste and emissions, and we work with our customers to provide the best environmental solutions


We have reduced our waste and where possible this is recycled. We have reduced our paper consumption by adopting a “printing only if essential” policy throughout our Offices.

We have reduced our energy consumption via the installation of bespoke LED lighting to our offices and the use of energy efficient computers and other equipment.


We have regard for our environment and where involved in projects which allow for our input, we always advise the use of energy saving design and fittings particularly where these will also result in cost savings for the building occupier.


Giving back is part of our culture. Indeed it is the principal reason we started our Training services to teach others how to succeed in the property industry.

We are willing to get involved with the charities and communities in our areas of operation. We are committed to the process of building sustainable communities by ensuring that employment opportunities, including those involving work experience and apprenticeships, are maximised and we incorporate training initiatives into our projects wherever possible. We are happy to work with local authorities and schools, attending careers events to provide advice and information on careers in property.

Graham Kinnear talking about careers in property to Sixth Form Students at Eltham College, London SE9.


Our ethics culture works on the basis of Integrity, Relationships, Quality and Respect.

We are proud of the positive relationship that the firm enjoys with its Clients and this is doubtless central to our success. It is as a result of listening effectively, tailoring our services to a Clients needs and listening to their feedback. This is something we will always do.

Our principal asset is our staff and therefore it is important that we continue to invest in them to develop their experiences, knowledge and qualifications. This commitment has the intended consequence that we are able to recruit and retain good quality staff, something which is essential for us to continue to provide the level of service that our Clients have come to expect.

We are committed to the mantra of a “fair days pay for a fair days work” and therefore all of our staff are remunerated at a level in excess of the recommended National Living Wage. We have a zero tolerance policy to those who flout these laws and seek to ensure that all those people involved in our supply chains are treated in a similar fashion to our own staff.


We undertake to provide 2% of our profit to Charity and for 2020 we have elected to support the Dogs Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust are the largest dog charity in the UK with a mission to ensure that all dogs can lead a happy life. Given the happiness and companionship they provide to so many people we feel it is a most worthy cause.

Who could resist helping this lot?!

Macmillan Cancer Support provide invaluable support to those affected by Cancer. Given that we probably all know someone who has suffered from this dreadful condition we are very happy to be able to assist in the valuable work that they undertake.