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Thanks for letting us know!

We recently received a letter from a large property company thanking us for notifying them in advance that one of our Clients was intending to submit a planning application for alterations to their apartment. They went on to tell us how rare it is that they are notified. This surprised us for two reasons. Firstly […]

Asbestos in property

The continued attention of Government upon the private rented sector should be an appropriate prompt for landlords to ensure that their buildings are compliant. There seems an almost insatiable appetite to demonise landlords currently and so it is more important than ever that you meet your obligations as a property professional. This month I thought […]

The Party Wall Act – What you need to know.

This month I have been involved with two party wall cases where significant dispute and unhappiness has occurred but in both instances it was fuelled purely by a lack of knowledge by the parties involved. So here is a quick tour of the Party Wall Act – what you need to know. The first involves […]

Project Manager for Construction Projects- do I need one?

In this newsletter we deal with the role of a project manager for construction projects and whether you should appoint a project manager for your next building project.¬†At a time of such considerable expense, many people often feel this Project Manager role is one that they can do without or one where they believe that […]