Who benefits from Mentoring?

Whilst I have run numerous training sessions for property people, it is quite some time since I have directly mentored someone.

Recently, I responded to a request on one of the social media platforms from an individual who was looking to undertake his submission and professional interview in advance of membership to one of the surveying professional bodies. He was looking for someone who had been through that process for some information and guidance.

We corresponded by email and talked through a number of issues and items which likely required some further research prior to his interview. I found it interesting to understand his various concerns.

Whilst my mentee probably thought that he was the sole beneficiary of this arrangement, I can confirm that I derived an enormous amount of satisfaction and self fulfilment from this experience.

By talking to a “newbie” in the profession it highlighted to me the level of knowledge that I likely had at that stage. It was a nice feeling to reflect on the volume of knowledge that I have almost subconsciously gathered as a consequence of practical experience over the years. Indeed I found exploring common issues and reviewing relevant case law a useful aide memoire to my own work and further, I felt a reinvigorating enthusiasm for my profession.

In conclusion it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one which I am keen to repeat. I wish this particular individual every success in their forthcoming written submission and interview. I hope that my input has aided their understanding of the subject and improved their confidence ahead of the big day.

Do you find mentoring a positive experience? I would love to hear of your thoughts and experiences. If you have never tried sharing your knowledge with a newcomer to your Industry then I thoroughly recommend it. After all, it feels like the right thing to do giving back to a profession that has served me so well. #lovesurveying