Schedule of Works

Why do I need a schedule of works?

We can provide a detailed schedule of works which provides a comprehensive insight to the works required to your property. This is generally required in three scenarios:

1) if you are planning maintenance or repair to a block of apartments that you are responsible for, either as Landlord, Managing Agent or Right to Manage Company.

2) If you are a landlord of commercial premises and need to provide your outgoing tenant with a schedule of works prior to the end of their lease or

3) If you want to provide a comprehensive specification in order to procure tenders and quotes for works which you wish to undertake on your property.

schedule of works, section 20 schedule of works

Schedule of works for the maintenance and repair of a block of flats:

A schedule of works in respect of a block of flats is covered by Section 20 of the 1985 Landlord and Tenant Act. It is intended to protect leaseholders from paying unnecessarily large sums for work carried out to their buildings. In essence it conveys that a leasees contribution to the works will be heavily restricted in the event that the landlord fails to follow a strict consultation process.

Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 sets out a three-stage process which must be followed by landlords or indeed their managing agents where appointed, if carrying out works to a building where the contribution from any one lessee will be in excess of £250, or in respect of a qualifying long-term agreement where the contribution from any one leaseholder may exceed £100 in a single year.

Accordingly, prior to the service of Notice, most landlords will appoint a surveying firm such as ourselves to undertake a schedule of required works in order that they can have an understanding of the nature and extent of the works required.

Schedule of works in respect of a Commercial Lease:

In respect of commercial leases, particularly those which are of a full repairing nature, there is normally a clause which requires the tenant to put the property into repair prior to the end of the lease. Obtaining a schedule of works from a firm such as ourselves provides landlord and tenant with a clear, impartial schedule of the works which are required to be undertaken and will therefore often avoid or resolve any dispute between the parties.

Schedule of works commercial premises, external redecoration Section 20

Schedule of works in respect of Property Refurbishment or Repair:

For those simply wishing to undertake works to their property either by way of refurbishment or general repair, a schedule of works enables contractors to more accurately price the work and more accurately determine the timescale which the works will take. In addition, by detailing the works required there is less likelihood that there will be a dispute with the Builders in respect of works which should have been undertaken.

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