Property Portfolio Reviews

Having assembled and managed property portfolios for private Clients for over 20 years, we are perfectly placed to provide informed advice regarding maximising your property assets.  We can undertake a review of your portfolio either to assess that the rental income is at an appropriate level or to identify which, if any, properties may be best suited for sale. We can also arrange to provide valuation advice in advance of a bank valuation for refinancing.

Alternatively we can provide advice on refurbishment and improvement, potential planning gain, scope for change of use, further subdivision and the like together with an analysis of how expenditure would impact the rental return achievable.

Our teams have considerable experience and expertise in planning legislation including permitted development and prior notification, planning policy and a strong understanding of the development process as well as the needs and demands of our various local market places.

Whether your property portfolio is to provide a current income, retirement income or a legacy for generations to come, it makes sense that it performs for you to the absolute maximum.