Vacant Property Management

There are a variety of reasons why property is sometimes vacant. It may be you are selling or letting your property, perhaps awaiting the grant of probate,  or perhaps waiting on a planning decision or for building works to commence.

We provide a management service to private owners,  insurance companies, asset managers, insolvency practitioners and LPA receivers whereby we can inspect and monitor vacant premises to ensure security and comply with any insurance conditions.

Our service can include the initial securing of the premises by way of lock change, services disconnection, water drain down and the securing of entry points and letterboxes. Beyond this we can undertake routine visits and provide a full report of our findings and recommendations.

Depending on your requirements we can also arrange for routine cleaning and gardening services.

Periodic roof and ground inspections are also available via pole camera or Drone if required.

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Media Services

Graham is a published author whose first book, “The Property Triangle” was released in 2015.The Property Triangle  You can order your copy by clicking HERE.

In addition, Graham has written over 2000 articles on property matters which have featured in national newspapers including Financial Times, Daily Mail, The Scotsman and Evening Standard as well as many regional titles. He remains happy to provide property commentary to media outlets.

Additionally he can provide content for online purposes, trade journals and estate/letting agency internal documents.

property media articlesSince 2015 Graham has been one of the regular monthly columnists for Your Property Network Magazine covering topics such as tenant eviction, energy efficiency, party wall awards and tenant referencing. He always invites readers to contact him directly with any further questions or queries that they have relating to their property endeavours. If you would like a free copy of the magazine then please CLICK HERE

Graham has also contributed to both television and Radio having previously appeared on BBC1 as well as BBC Radio Kent.

Furthermore, Graham is a seasoned speaker and provides informative and often humorous talks on graham kinnear public speaking propertymany property matters at events around the Country. He has hosted property Q&A sessions as well as undertaken keynote talks on a variety of property topics. In addition he undertakes a talk entitled “The Property Triangle” which is based upon his book of the same title.

We would be delighted to hear from you with your requests for media content or speaking engagements so please get in touch with your requirements.

Grahams talks for non profit organisations are generally “fee free”. All he asks for in return is a warm welcome, a good coffee and a donation to the charity of his choice.

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Property Acquisition & Disposal Advice

It is a common held thought that you can negotiate better for someone else than you can for yourself, so why not consider engaging us in respect of property acquisition or disposal?

Property Buyers service

With 20 years estate agency experience and having acquired over 150 properties we are ideally placed to assist you. We have experience in the acquisition of residential and commercial property including standard residential property, new build, blocks of flats, hotels, licensed premises and even a pier!

We can deal with sourcing, liaising with estate agents, solicitors, funding providers, price and terms

negotiation. Our charging structure on acquisition means that we will save you more money then we charge you in fees.

Property Buying service

In terms of disposal we can deal with advising on marketing method and strategy, appointing estate agents, marketing suggestions and press releases, fee negotiation, sales progression and solicitor liaison. That said it may well be that we already have a Buyer in mind given that we have been dealing with property investors for almost a quarter of a century.

We seem to have developed a reputation for assisting with the disposal of unusual or problem properties however we relish the challenge!

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Property Portfolio Reviews

Having assembled and managed property portfolios for private Clients for over 20 years, we are perfectly placed to provide informed advice regarding maximising your property assets.  We can undertake a review of your portfolio either to assess that the rental income is at an appropriate level or to identify which, if any, properties may be best suited for sale. We can also arrange to provide valuation advice in advance of a bank valuation for refinancing.

Alternatively we can provide advice on refurbishment and improvement, potential planning gain, scope for change of use, further subdivision and the like together with an analysis of how expenditure would impact the rental return achievable.

Our teams have considerable experience and expertise in planning legislation including permitted development and prior notification, planning policy and a strong understanding of the development process as well as the needs and demands of our various local market places.

Whether your property portfolio is to provide a current income, retirement income or a legacy for generations to come, it makes sense that it performs for you to the absolute maximum.

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Lease Extensions

Lease extensions are an important consideration for leaseholders.  In our experience, many leaseholders do not know where to turn to find advice on what needs to be done. It seems they are unsure whether they need a Solicitor or a Surveyor.

lease extension kentIf your lease has more than 80 years remaining then  lease extensions will be considerably cheaper than will be the case for shorter leases. The reason for this is that once a lease falls below 80 years, the leaseholder is obliged to pay a sum known as “marriage value” as part of the lease premium. This can increase costs significantly.

Regardless of the current unexpired term, the cost of  lease extensions will increase with every year that passes. It therefore makes good financial sense to investigate extending your lease without further delay.

We provide a service where we will orchestrate the lease extension process in conjunction with a firm of solicitors who are experienced in this field.

The first consideration is to understand whether you are legally entitled to extend your lease. On the basis that the original lease was for a period in excess of 21 years and providing you have owned the property for a minimum of 2 years then you will likely qualify.

Assuming you qualify you will presumably want to know what a lease extension would look like? The extend your lease kentlease extension via the formal route will result in you receiving an additional 90 years on the current lease (i.e. if you currently have 60 years remaining then this would be increased to 150 years) and the ground rent currently payable under the terms of your lease would be removed entirely.

The next step is to get in touch with us in order that we can arrange for a valuation of your premises so that we can formulate the figure that will form part of the notification that will be served on your freeholder.

Once they are in receipt of these Notices, they have a period of two months within which they must respond and agree to the lease extension or make a counter offer requesting that you pay a different premium for your lease extension.

Following a counter notice from your freeholder there is normally an element of negotiation between surveyors and in many circumstances this results in agreement being reached. In the event that agreement cannot be reached then you have recourse to the Tribunal (LVT) who will determine the correct premium to pay of your lease extension. Regardless of how the process transpires, we shall be there to guide you through.

Once the premium is finally agreed then your nominated Solicitor would complete the various legal works and register the revised lease length with the Land Registry.

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Schedule of Works

Why do I need a schedule of works?

We can provide a detailed schedule of works which provides a comprehensive insight to the works required to your property. This is generally required in three scenarios:

1) if you are planning maintenance or repair to a block of apartments that you are responsible for, either as Landlord, Managing Agent or Right to Manage Company.

2) If you are a landlord of commercial premises and need to provide your outgoing tenant with a schedule of works prior to the end of their lease or

3) If you want to provide a comprehensive specification in order to procure tenders and quotes for works which you wish to undertake on your property.

schedule of works, section 20 schedule of works

Schedule of works for the maintenance and repair of a block of flats:

A schedule of works in respect of a block of flats is covered by Section 20 of the 1985 Landlord and Tenant Act. It is intended to protect leaseholders from paying unnecessarily large sums for work carried out to their buildings. In essence it conveys that a leasees contribution to the works will be heavily restricted in the event that the landlord fails to follow a strict consultation process.

Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 sets out a three-stage process which must be followed by landlords or indeed their managing agents where appointed, if carrying out works to a building where the contribution from any one lessee will be in excess of £250, or in respect of a qualifying long-term agreement where the contribution from any one leaseholder may exceed £100 in a single year.

Accordingly, prior to the service of Notice, most landlords will appoint a surveying firm such as ourselves to undertake a schedule of required works in order that they can have an understanding of the nature and extent of the works required.

Schedule of works in respect of a Commercial Lease:

In respect of commercial leases, particularly those which are of a full repairing nature, there is normally a clause which requires the tenant to put the property into repair prior to the end of the lease. Obtaining a schedule of works from a firm such as ourselves provides landlord and tenant with a clear, impartial schedule of the works which are required to be undertaken and will therefore often avoid or resolve any dispute between the parties.

Schedule of works commercial premises, external redecoration Section 20

Schedule of works in respect of Property Refurbishment or Repair:

For those simply wishing to undertake works to their property either by way of refurbishment or general repair, a schedule of works enables contractors to more accurately price the work and more accurately determine the timescale which the works will take. In addition, by detailing the works required there is less likelihood that there will be a dispute with the Builders in respect of works which should have been undertaken.

Still have more questions?

Please contact us with your requirements on 01843 583000 or [email protected] and we can provide you with a competitive fixed fee for producing a schedule for your project.

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